12 Gifts of Christmas!

Finding Christmas gifts for your child can prove overwhelming for any and all parents. Then factor in wanting to find products that are, of course, fun but also aid in the development of skills in which you would like to see them improve, it can feel very hard to even know where to start looking.

That’s where Parent Suportal’s ‘12 Gifts of Christmas’ can come to your rescue. Featuring a range of affordable products that help development across many areas – from fine motor, emotions and creativity, to sensory, hand-eye coordination and education – that you can purchase directly from our online marketplace. So, you can save yourself the stress & time this festive season & get all your Christmas shopping done from the comfort of your couch!
(FYI: singing whilst you shop is also acceptable, here, too).

Spikes on Spike

Spike Hedgehog
Actually being marketed as ‘the fine motor hedgehog’, this award-winning toy features 12 colourful quill pegs, encouraging small hands to focus on – and practice – grasping, and building their hand-eye coordination.
(Spike will also help with colour identification and counting too, though, of course)!

Not to mention his cuteness; the fact that his ‘shell’ can be easily removed for storing the quills inside, so your little one’s can practice the responsibility of tidying up after themselves – who wouldn’t love a clean Christmas? – whilst working on these more intricate hand movements.
All this makes Spike the ideal Christmas companion!

Order your very own Spike – The Fine Motor Hedgehog from our shop

Doodle Pieces

Water Magic Doodle Mat
The ideal solution for when you want to inspire your kids to have a creative Christmas, without having to worry about mess!

The magic marker, which works using just water, means you can encourage the development of your child’s hand-eye coordination and colour perception, without them re-decorating your house with ink stains or pencil marks!

The large drawing space makes it ideal for you to doodle alongside your little artists, so you can strengthen your parent-child bond even more!
And – with the mat’s foldable design making it easily portable – build your kids’ team-working skills by letting them get artsy with their friends, too.

As the border is decorated with common animals and colours, and the product comes with two drawing stencils with a range of shapes, the learning – and teaching – opportunities are endless!

Start to draw up your family’s picture perfect Christmas by purchasing your little artists this Magic Water Doodle Mat from our shop.

Coins for Piggy

Piggy Coin Game 
From counting coins, to singing songs and twirling tails – this pink pig will have your child squealing with laughter, whilst learning a thing or two at the same time!

Featuring 10 coins, this cute piggy bank will count as your child posts each coin into the wide slot on its back, helping them learn numbers whilst also being rewarded with musical sounds.

Want more musical learning? Press piggy’s snout for sounds, as well as a song about counting, colours & size!

To make the tail twirl, collect your coins and  for more music & play, simply open the clear, numbered side door!

Bring home the bacon this Christmas; purchase the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank from our shop.

Light Board Wonders

Crayola Ultimate Light Board
Your home can be lit up by more than just Christmas lights this year; your child’s drawings can do it too…with the Crayola Ultimate Light Board!

Inspire their creativity with this reusable light board, that allows them to create their artistic masterpiece…and then watch in wonder as it lights up with life!

With 3 fun light effects and 6 colourful gel markers to choose from, not only can you spark your child’s imagination with this product, but it can also help with sensory stimulation, learning colours and decision making.

Look no further for the Ultimate Christmas gift for your child, and purchase the Crayola Ultimate Light Board from our shop.

Musical Keys

Wooden Musical Bench
Actually two toys in one, this wooden, premium Jacques of London instrument not only features a colourful xylophone with glockenspiels, but also comes with three coloured balls that, using the mallet included, can be hammered through holes on the top level to create sound on the keys below.

This musical, Montessori toy offers a range of educational benefits: holding the glockenspiel to hit the different keys requires fine motor work, whilst the combination of colours & sounds helps with learning skills of association.

Get in tune this Christmas and order your little ones their Wooden, Musical Bench from our shop.

Stretchy Noodles

Sensory Noodles
These strong and durable stretchy strings come in 7 different colours and are great for both play & exercise.

Stretch, pull, twist and wrap these monkey noodles and they’ll always bounce back to their original shape!

Beneficial to children and adults alike, these sensory fidget toys are wonderful for those with ADHD, ADD, OCD & Autism; they make great Anxiety and Stress relievers, too! 

For a popular stocking filler that won’t stretch your budget, order your own set of Sensory Noodles from our shop.

Colourful Scarves

Sensory Scarves
The texture and colour of these bright & lightweight novelty scarves will be stimulating for your child’s senses. And, with a variety of purposes & functions, the only limit is their imagination. 

Get Christmas all wrapped up this year, by purchasing your own set of Sensory Scarves from our shop.

Stacking Gears

Spin Again Gear Stacker
As well as being wonderful for encouraging imagination, this gear stacker is also a great tool for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and haptic exploration*. These coloured and structured gears stimulate both visual and tactile senses. Watching the star-shaped and graduated gears twirling down the corkscrew rod – which doubles as a unicorn horn when the product is in its packaging –  is fascinating for all ages.

(Haptic Exploration: refers to spontaneous, yet purposeful, action patterns that appear to optimise absorption of information about the properties of surfaces & objects).

Get yourself into gear for Christmas, and purchase this magical Spin Again Gear Stacker gift from our shop.

Mountain Tunnels

Hape Roller Derby
Your kids can have mountains of fun during the festive season with this double-sided, multifunctional, roller derby toy!

With colourful wooden balls, four peek-a-boo holes, and fast tracks, it will help develop both their hand-eye coordination and their logical thinking – all whilst providing the PEAK of entertainment!

You won’t have to move mountains to make Christmas great this year – simply purchase the Hape Roller Derby from our shop.

Clicking Cars

Click – Clack – Racetrack
Rev the entertainment up to top gear this festive period –  with the Hape Fast Flip Racetrack

Equipped with 3 colourful wooden cars, let your little ones place these at the starting line and watch in wonderment as they zoom down the track, flipping over one another as they do!

The racetrack is also made from wood, and is a sturdy frame with bright numbers painted on the side; so, as you’re watching to see which car wins, count as they go.

As the design offers prompts for learning about colours, numbers and motion, fun & education come together with this toy!

Get ready, get set, but don’t race to the stores to buy this popular toy this year; save yourself the time, energy, and stress by simply purchasing your very own Click Clack Racetrack from our shop.

Fishing Games

2-in-1 Fishing Game
Reel in the catch of Christmas Day with this wooden, magnetic fishing game.

With its reversible board, it’s actually two games in one!
In Game One – use the magnetic fishing rod to find your favourite fish.
In Game Two – find fish under the ice; perfect to join in the joys of an icy holiday, whilst keeping warm and cosy indoors!

Develop fine motor skills as you hold the fishing rods & practice precision in ‘reeling in’ the magnetic fish and, with each fish being labelled with a letter of the alphabet, enjoy learning letters as you play! Perhaps, your child progresses, they can even try to make words out of the fish they’ve ‘caught’?

Made of premium quality materials, this toy is not only fun, versatile and educational for your child, it is also eco-friendly and safe, too!
So, if you’re looking to have a conscious Christmas this year, look no further & dive right into our shop
to get your 2 in 1 Fishing Game

Grumpy Little Elf

Never Touch a Grumpy Elf!
With this festive edition of the popular ‘Never Touch a…’ touch-and-feel board book series, you and your kids will be laughing all the way to Christmas Day reading the silly rhyme, meeting some popular Crimbo characters, and exploring the different textures throughout!

Shop right here and read all about why you should Never Touch a Grumpy Elf

We hope we’ve helped you get Christmas all wrapped up!

No more monkeying around – make this a magic day for your little elf, without causing a spike in your stress levels…or breaking the (piggy) bank!

All the best for this festive season and the New Year.

Parent Suportal

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