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The Membership .

One platform with all the advice, information and support you need to help navigate life as a parent of a disabled child.


  • Extensive directory of over 100 contacts and organisations dedicated to helping parents and carers.
  • 6+ scripts to help navigate difficult conversations
  • 20+ template letters
  • 10 PDF downloads and resources to keep you organised and on track
  • Events calendar


  • Over 20+ years of experience and expertise condensed into 90 minutes of video learning and downloads. Everything you need to know to navigate your future as a SEND parent.
  • Bi-weekly workshops covering different topics
  • Practical advice & reminders



  • Dedicated community group to ask your questions
  • Access to a team of experts
  • Live check-Ins

Parentsuportal is for .



who are just starting out in this world and want to get ahead.



who want to learn how they can quickly update their knowledge and keep on top.



who all too commonly have been let down by the system and need a hand to get on track.

 Is our membership for you ?

Our membership is for you if you want to…

  • Be one step ahead 
  • Save time, money and energy
  • Up-skill on the areas you’ll need to become an ‘expert’ on
  • Join a community of like-minded parents and carers

Who is our membership for ?

Parents and carers who want to make their lives a little easier and start solving tomorrow’s problems today.

How it works .

Become a PS Member

Access expert support and guidance from industry professionals who are passionate about setting families up for success

Gain confidence & knowledge

Learn the fundamentals of core areas where parents and carers are commonly let down


Join our bespoke channels keeping up to date on all you need to know

Change your life

Ensure that you are on top of the ‘system’ rather than it beating you

What our members have to say .

Parent Suportal have helped me understand my rights as a carer and my son’s rights as a disabled child. The EHCP support they provide is fantastic and that has really supported my return to work. Ensuring the level of care I provide my son at home will continue when he is in school.


Without Parent Suportal and their team we wouldn’t have found out about all the therapy options for our daughter. We were stuck in the traditional model when there is so much more out there. Accessing these other interventions has been life changing for Quinn and our family. She is living a different life now.


Parent Suportal helped us save thousands of pounds on our wheelchair adapted vehicle. There are many schemes we don’t get told about.

Through one of their guest experts we were able to better understand Helena’s rights in regards to mental capacity and supported living.


Our Pricing .