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Sam updated 2 months ago
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Dear Parent, We want to partner with you on your journey helping your child. We have extensive experience in supporting families of children with disability and special needs and know how almost impossible it is to find information and a... (More)

UKDHM2020 - Key Names to Follow

  • Euan's Guide
    - Disabled access review site where disabled people, their family, friends and carers can find and share reviews on the accessibility of venues around the UK and beyond.
  • Simply Emma
    - a leading travel and disability blog focused... (More)
Olivia updated a month ago

What is Ataxia?

What is it?

  • Degenerative disease of the nervous system that causes the loss of full control of bodily movements;
  • A rare neurological disease which progressively affects a person’s ability to walk, talk, and use fine motor skills;
  • Ataxia affects people... (More)

Christmas Gift Ideas with Skill Development and Sensory Benefits

In the run up to Christmas, we know that thinking of ideas of what presents to buy can be a stressful challenge. However, this can sometimes be amplified if you are a parent of a child with additional needs.

As... (More)