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About Parent Suportal


Sadly, children with special needs appear especially vulnerable to social discrimination and stigma. Their challenges are less likely to be recognised by service providers, decision-makers and the general public.

And although it is not visibly palpable in the UK, a massive share of their rights is being marginalised since they still suffer from the lack of early disability detection, gaps in the provision of services and inadequate participation in communities.

Whilst the former two are rather the product of underdeveloped system of state infrastructure and the lack of awareness, the latter are either created by the disabilities themselves or parental fears of stigma. The problems of social involvement appear to be the material obstacles for the development of learning capabilities and social skills.


A one-stop shop.

On our forum and directory you will find answers to your most prominent questions as how to approach the process of parenthood with the full realisation of child’s capabilities in a caring environment, which doctors and organisations to approach and how to get the resources you need.

We also believe that wider awareness of the problems families face is needed.

To make your life easier and to help us grow and spread awareness you can visit our shop. Here you can find a range of products with a variety of high-quality goods.

We believe that every child has the right to have a happy and safe childhood.


Our shop has been designed for you, with you. We have asked parents what they struggle to find and what would be helpful.


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We are creating a bespoke archive (think google for special needs) collating all the relevant information you need to succeed.

How it all started

Sam Tebb, Founder

“Having worked in disability rehabilitation for over a decade, I have witnessed how difficult, if not impossible, it is for parents with special needs to get the information, advice and support they need. Navigating the mind field of being a parent for a child with special needs is harder than it needs to be.

I want to create an online community platform which pulls together simplified information and resources. Parents can create a timeline for their child which will be pre-populated with relevant content, to-dos, obstacles to avoid and more.”

(c) Theodor Seuss (The Mountain View Cottage)

Our Team .

Merging her passion for helping those with disability and her entrepreneurial mindset she came up with a solution to solve the ever growing problem of parents not getting the support they need and deserve.

Sam Tebb

Sam Tebb

Founder & CEO

Sara O’Donnell

Sara O’Donnell


Sara spent years helping her son Finley recover from his brain abnormality. Now she works as a therapist helping children with disabilities and uses her skills as a researcher to continue to support families.

Simon Mohoalali

Simon Mohoalali

Chief Technology Officer

Simon met Sam in 2011, whilst she was on a volunteering South Africa for a few months. Steadfast friends sharing a passion for injustice, Simon lends his talent and skill set to helping improve the lives of families .

Olivia Wilkinson

Olivia Wilkinson

Digital Marketing and Sales Assistant

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